Sunday, April 11, 2010

My New Color Palette - Paint Samples

Yes, I've been very absent lately on my art blog.  But I promise I have a very good reason.  The boyfriend and I have been looking at houses, and in fact in the beginning of April we bought one that hasn't been built yet.  It's a tri-level twin home that should be built by June 30th.  To follow our journey on the home-building process, visit my new blog!

I'm starting to develop a new color palette...paint samples!  And they have great names that excite the artist in me...Lip Balm, Spell Check, Canvas, Cappuccino Froth, Baking Stone, Monday Morning, and Mac and Cheese (which was a awful yellow color that I didn't even pick a sample for but it made me smile).  As of now I don't physically have walls to paint on until the house is built, but I'm having a great time gathering ideas and tons and tons of paint samples!