Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Funky Frame Art Project

So, I've had this Target gift card from my brother since Christmastime, and it's been burning a hole in my pocket like you wouldn't believe.  Each time I've gone to Target, I walk around and think..."Oh...I could buy this.  Or I could buy this.  What about this?"  Until yesterday, that is.  I finally decided what to purchase.  Here's a picture of my funky frame that is really four frames fused together.

The plan is to not fill these cute frames with photos, but with artwork instead!  And I even know where I'm going to hang it....in my office/craft room!  As far as cheesy pictures that come in the frames, these are pretty decent.  I definitely dig the green going on.

This is the top left frame, an 3 X 4 oval.  The large green flower is very cool. 

The top right frame is 5 X 7.  More green flowers.  Un-natural but very pretty.

The bottom left frame is 3.5 X 5.5.  The carousel picture reminds me of the beautiful Parisienne carousel at below the Sacre Coeur in Paris.  You know the one, the carousel used in the greatest French film ever...Amélie.  (One of my all-time favorite movies ever.)  If I remember right, Savage Garden also had a music video with the carousel in it...i'll check and post it if I find it.

And the bottom right frame is 4 X 6.  I have to laugh at the picture of the girl.  It reminds me of the Friends episode where Phoebe actually thinks the guy that "comes in the picture frame" is her really her father...haha.  :)  (Ah, Friends was such a good show.)

I'm not sure exactly what type of art I will work on for these frames.  I'm thinking mixed media/collage.  We'll see.  I'm sure this will take me quite awhile to A) make the artwork B) select which pieces to add to each frame.  Any suggestions are always welcome!  Help a girl out!  Tell me what you think I should make to put in the frames!

Update after post:  Yes, I found the Savage Garden music video from 1997 on YouTube!  (And the carousel in Paris is much prettier than the one in my frame.)  After watching it I find it funny that the 17 year-old in me loved this music video...now that I watch it years later, everything about it is super dramatic and super cheesy.  Nonetheless, there are some beautiful shots of Paris that make me long to go back and visit again.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.  If you're wondering where I've gone, I'm off to complete the renewal form for my passport now...haha.


Rita said...

I can see why you would love this frame set. You can leave the pictures in it and hang it right away! You'll figure out what to make. Collage might be interesting. I haven't ever done much collage, but I could see something like that in those frames. Maybe even some french pictures in your collage in co-ordinating colors and leave your fav actress in her frame--hehe! Isn't it fun to have a creative challenge! :)

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Rita - Great suggestions! I was thinking maybe a French-type theme too...bet you aren't too surprised about that one! haha. Creative challenges are fun!


Awesome frame...I think I have seen these at Target....have fun filling it with special artwork :)

Jenifleur-de-lis said...


Thanks! Isn't Target the best? :)