Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Snowy Beginning for April

Today was a lazy day indoors. No venturing outside today. Instead I listened to Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters Podcast, surfed the Internet, and took pictures of North Dakota's snow in April from indoors. That's right...just when we think it is snows in April. I'm not even surprised anymore when it happens. It's like a rite of passage into Spring for the Midwest. And you have to admit, the snow in April is beautiful because it isn't as cold as in December or January. And you can't complain too much, because you know that it won't stick around for too long. Here's a picture of the tree outside my balcony -- loaded with snow.

I snapped the photo above around noon and watched outside my patio window as the branches became loaded with more and more snow. They were very weighted down at around 3 pm, but by 5pm the wind blew some of the weight off.

My snowy tree had a Springtime visitor, Mr. Robin. When he sat down in the middle of it all, I couldn't help but imagine that he was a bit disgusted with this snow, being that he's just flown up here for spring weather. A few moments later he even let out a sharp song, and in my mind he was proving that he was a bit peeved. Later he landed on the railing of my balcony, looked up at the remaindered nest settled in the drainpipe, and I saw him fly up to the nest. Maybe he's found a new home? At least a bit of shelter from the snow.

Today I started reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I'm no stranger to her wonderful books full of ways to unblock blocked creativity. The last book I read by her was The Right to Write, shortly after I graduated from college with my BA in English. I even did morning pages for awhile. Now that I am to work by 7AM on Monday through Friday, Morning Pages might be more of a challenge -- but I might give it a try again. Or see if I can, at any rate.

As far as surfing the Internet goes, I've been finding really cool websites and blogs out there! I'm gathering a list of friends' blogs and other blogs that I visit on a regular basis so I can add a list of favorite links to my blog. I also found and feel that I may becoming addicted to it. is like having a mini blog within your blog. Not necessary, but just fun.

Other random thoughts running through my mind:

  • I think I might begin collaging and working on other crafty-type projects.

  • I also have been dreaming of moving is all that seems to be on my mind. I live in a one bedroom apartment and feel like I'm outgrowing it in a hurry. Wouldn't it be wonderful to move into a small house or townhouse? With a couple extra bedrooms or basement I could have my own art/writing room!

  • My Dad has me thinking about selling used books, antiques, and/or other odd things on Ebay to make some some extra $$$. I might just do this on the side...I'm going to seriously think about it anyway.

  • Gotta take my garbage out. That means I have to get socks, shoes, and a coat on, empty all wastebaskets, and haul it out to the dumpsters. (Ah...gotta love apartment living! But I could be shoveling heavy, wet snow covering a long driveway belonging to my dream house instead -- so maybe it isn't that bad to haul out trash for now.)

  • I really should knock the snow off of my car and put it in my garage, but I'm not sure if I'm that ambitious tonight. I hear people spinning their tires outside. I think she'll just stay outside with snow on her tonight!

  • Only in North Dakota in April can you kill a spider indoors while it is snowing outdoors. :)

Have a great night!


soulcomfort said...

Spiders and snow--hehe! How true!

What a great dream to have your own place with an extra "creative" room. Ahhh!

Hope you've had time to play with the new art supplies.
Always, Rita

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

No joke...found a tiny one in a mad dash to get somewhere. Had to smoosh him.

I just got done playing around with my paints! Aww...feels so good to get lost in that world again. :)

Would you be interested in watercoloring again sometime? That was a lot of fun! Let me know!

Leah said...

love your random thoughts...and check out my shop, i sell supplies {found vintage stuff mostly} on etsy and do would be a start. its less $$ than ebay to list it i believe.

oh, and you've been tagged.

oh, and we are moving into a house next weekend, all i can think about is the abundant amount of space i will have for my art room. {my husband mentioned i could have the entire downstairs living room!}