Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Irish Blessing Sketch with Color

It has been awhile since my last post, hasn't it? Well, I have been busy being creative. I promise! Besides spending some of my tax refund money on art supplies for Altered Art, I brought out my watercolors and finally added some color to my latest Moleskine sketch.

What do I absolutely love about watercoloring? It is such a challenge, but at the same time it is so relaxing. I'd say the end result is as rewarding as finishing a challenging Crossword Puzzle or even a Jumble where you spent 15 minutes of your lunch break trying to solve the super-lame clue without looking at the upside-down answers. (Wink...wink Tickpuppy.)

This little flower pot, the two birds, and the shamrocks were quite the challenge. I even dug out my Masking Fluid and covered all the little flowers in the pot before touching my brush to my paints. I always feel like I should get out a clothes pin or wear a SARS mask when I crack open that little bottle of masking fluid. Stinky! But what would we do with out it?

After masking while holding my breath (OK maybe not), I attacked the greens. After the greens were done and I let it dry for awhile, and of course I had fun pulling off the masking with my eraser. However, after I removed the masking fluid, I always get a bit steamed because the brand I use has a slight yellowish tint to it. I like this color when working on white paper because it is easy to see where I've masked. But after pulling off the glue, it leaves a slight yellowish hue to where it was applied on my paper/canvas. I suppose it doesn't really matter because I covered everything up with paint. Even though, maybe I didn't want it to turn that nasty color underneath.

Next were the flowers. I also did the leaves in the flower pot and spattered a bit. (I "heart" spattering! My first painting when I was about 4 years-old was a spattering project. My Grandma clad me in an old shirt, covered the table and floor around me, and gave me a paint brush and some some watercolors. I remember being in awe at the different colors I could create. I guess that is when you could say I got hooked with watercolors. Later she had my spatters framed. That silly painting always made me feel proud. I think my mom has it now, I'll have to check.)

After the plant and flowers were finished, next came the pot and finally the little birds. In my mind I thought the birds were going to give me problems -- but they weren't too bad.

For whatever I work on next, I need to slow down a bit more and take the time to blend more. I naturally want to make my colors bright, but it also takes talent to really use the water in the colors in order to blend and create contrasts and shading. This worked out in a few areas here. It is a goal of mine to be able to create more details with the paints rather than to rely on my pen or pencil. Wouldn't that be wonderous?

Happy watercoloring!

"A little amateur painting in water-color shows the innocent and quiet mind."
~Robert Louis Stevenson

**Any comments or tips for improvement always welcomed!


luba_smith said...

Such a happy sketch! Nice poem, too.

MaryO said...

Interesting comment from Luba, my first thought was "happy" too! Charming and colorful, Jennifer...it makes me smile!

Heather Robinson said...

Oh, this is delightful and beautifully watercoloured Jennifer! I find it very relaxing as well! So, so pretty!

Lisalou said...

The care with which you did this really shows! Charming!

soulcomfort said...

Isn't it amazing what some color will do to a sketch! Be glad you bought the watercolor Moleskine. I just tried WCs on the regular sketch Moleskine for the first time (with the manilla colored pages) and it bled through! :( This is darling!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Sweet! Do you know the little books by Joan Walsh Anglund? I think it is your handwriting and the birds that remind me of her things. So glad you are having fun with all this.

Leah said...

lively and lovely sketch. i love the flowers indeed! nice work

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Thanks all for such nice comments :) I did have fun with this one!

SCquiltaddict said...

nice one ...hard to go wrong with an irish blessingbodio