Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Battle of My Muses

My Writing Muse and my Artistic Muse are at battle with each other lately and I feel pulled in both directions at once. I want to start writing creatively again, and have done so by creating a new writing journal. But even more so I feel the need to be artistic. In the last couple of weeks I've been sketching and surfing art blogs on the net and I'm really inspired! There are some amazing artists out there on the Internet and also amazing groups for artists! So I'm poking around in that area a bit more.

I also made a order last weekend, and to my disappointment I missed my Fed-Ex delivery with my purchases today. Let me just also add that if you are a working person, Fed-Ex isn't cool. At least with UPS you can go and pick up your missed delivery; whereas Fed-Ex just continues to drive around with your order. (Bleh.) So my new watercolor set and pens are probably sitting in a dark Fed-Ex truck as I type! *Sniff-Sniff*

Besides splurging on art materials, I also made a special trip to B & N for a large Moleskine watercolor journal and I've slowly been getting out my brushes and paints. I'll be posting more pictures of my new purchases and maybe even some sketches soon!

As for my poor Reading Muse, I think she needs some Ritalin because for the life of me I just can't sit down and read lately. I shouldn't say that because I have started reading Atonment by Ian McEwan and I am enjoying it -- but for some reason I can't seem to concentrate on reading for long periods of time like I'm used to doing. So -- Creatively I guess I need to quit trying to turn pages already filled with words and write, draw, or to paint up blank pages.


soulcomfort said...

Which watercolor set and pens did you order? Did you get them yet? It is always exciting to get new art supplies. And new books. :)

I hope you can let both your muses out! Let them take turns. :)
Always, Rita

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Hi Rita! I finally got to posting pictures of my new stuff! Thanks for your note and advice for letting both my muses out at once...that is a good idea! Hope you had a nice Easter -- can you still see bunny's in the fields from your apartment window? :0)