Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers Needed for J.J.

Last Wednesday, my best friend J.J. was admitted to the hospital. Right now his illness is a bit of a mystery and he needs everyone's thoughts and prayers. Please keep him in mind and send him positive thoughts that his doctors will find what is making him sick.

J.J. - Get well soon! I'm lost without you around! You are my Cart Commander at Wal-mart. One who is not afraid of being left alone in the isle with my bright yellow purse sitting in the front of the cart while I journey to the next isle over, looking for something I forgot to pick up. I'm waiting for you so we can have a good long movie marathon - complete with our goofy commentary followed by playing Halo. Maybe Allison and Asian Chill will even be able to play? :0) Let me know what you are hungry for - I'll cook you anything you want! I'll also have a new Mix CD waiting for us so we can drive around town late at night singing on-key or off-key - it doesn't matter what we do as long as we are together having a good time - which is pretty easy for us, right? :)

With Love - Your Jenifleur

Update on 3-6-08: J.J. went home from the hospital on Tuesday night! However, still no answers. Keep him in your thoughts & prayers that he'll find out more information from his doctors and that he will get well quickly.

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